Ultrasonic Hand Welding Units

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Ultrasonic hand welding kit  
By its easy weight and compact design the type G300F40 is predestinated for mobile applications like fixing of foils in tarpaulin manufacturing or manual work in automotives / plastic fabrication. Especially designed version for chicken farm interior like manure belt welding available.

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Handpistol SP340
Our ultrasonic hand welding pistols give you all the benefits of ultrasonic welding with the added ease of mobility - allowing you to successfully join items previously difficult or even impossible to handle with conventional bench or floor mounted ultrasonic welding machines. The welding of separate injection moulded or vacuum formed parts, such as display assemblies, car door panels, vehicle seat assemblies etc. or even the repair of thermoplastic items can be easily and quickly achieved.

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Hand welding unit SP640V2  
Hand Welding Unit SP640V2
Our ultrasonic hand welder is working with an integrated transducer with a maximum output of 600W and is compatible with our 40 kHz products. The extreme light and solid hand welder, made of aluminium, is created for manual welding application and easy use. With a weight of approx. 500g including sonotrode and its ergonomic form this hand pistol welder is particularly suitable for small serial production, the use in repair stations and fixing of foils in tarpaulin production.
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