Ultrasonic Generators

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Ultrasonic Generators G640 / G1220  
G640 / G1220
With an output range from 600W up to 1200W, working frequencies of 40kHz, 20kHz, 22kHz or 23kHz and their solid design these generators are the best choice of quality for multi head welding machines and compatible with HERFURTH and Herfurth UK generators.

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Ultrasonic generator G300F40  
The generator type G300F40 is designed and created for mobile plastic welding applications, especially for manure belt welding in chicken farms and the fixing of foils. With the easy weight of 6,5kg and its good pricing this generator is a good alternative for riveting of plastic parts.

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Ultrasonic generator G400F40  
The G400F40 is compactly designed and by the choice of different controlmodes a very good solution for stand alone presses or mobile use.

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